Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Foodie's Response to H1N1

As the world is thrown into a frenzy on the spread of the H1N1 virus, it is easy to just blame the pig. Swine Flu as it is also called - but only because it is the type of bug which usually affects pigs. But pig to human transmission is rare and certainly if we don't have common contact with the species, any risk of transmission is remote, with only 50 cases recorded since the 1950s.

As with any flu bug, the common precautions of keeping hygiene levels high is important. Wash your hands often. If you have symptoms of any flu strain, stay home. Keep a surgical mask on to keep any body fluids to yourself. Avoid crowded places.

But there is NO NEED to boycott eating pork!!! So long as you ensure your pork is properly and thoroughly cooked, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has advised that there is no risk to eating pork and you certainly cannot contract the H1N1 virus from eating cooked pork. Of course, make sure you buy your pork from a recognised supplier.

Don't let the poor pigs die in vain. And let's not further the economic crisis with the pork industry.

This foodie's response: buy a bag of ribs, marinate for several hours or overnight, grill and/or bake them well, and serve on a bed of salad with roast baby spuds. For a touch of fineness, create a reduction from your fave Burgundy, drizzle over and and serve!

Enjoy! There is no finer justice than eating a well cooked swine!


  1. *drool*


    Ed - how are you not fat?

  2. Sounds like a yummy roast pork recipe, Ed. Thanks!

    Fat is a matter of perspective. Looking un-fat doesn't mean I'm not. Or so the trainer says. My fat to muscle ratio is definitely not ideal so it's back to running!! And with the thermometer going up, not great!

    Then it's back to eating some more! :)