Monday, January 19, 2009

Hanoi - Press Club Deli

Even the strong need to rest.. and so we take a rest from local cuisine to enjoy a little bit of colonialism at the Press Club, in the swanky part of town. It's like heading for the Singapore Cricket Club or the Hong Kong Jockey Club for a leisurely Saturday lunch and the deli boasts the standard good offerings of classic deli food. Expecting just a reprieve from local cuisine and not much else, we were surprised at the good quality.

My Hot Dog with the works was one of the best I've had in a while, with good quality frankfurter and delicious chili gravy on the top. The cut red chillies are definitely a local touch. And the fries, beats any McDonalds hands down!

The vegetarian quesadillas were more than competent. While I prefer a meat in my quesadillas ordinarily, the grilled vegetables were tasty and made for a healthier choice.

Who would have known, but the Press Club Deli is definitely a nice place to relax, chill and enjoy another side to Hanoi.

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