Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hong Kong - Simply Thai

For some strange reason, having been in Hong Kong for so long, I rarely get up to the Food Forum on the top of Times Square. My experiences there have not been bad but they have never been Wow! either. This time, in a quest for something different, we head there for a little bit of Thai, beyond our usual authentic Thai hangout the other side of Causeway Bay coincidentally called Thai Simple Kitchen. The 2 are not related.
Simply Thai on the 11th floor of Times Square was a pleasant surprise. A comfortable restaurant to dine at, the food was also very decent.

Having read about their famous "son-in-law egg" I was disappointed to find out that they don't do it anymore. Oh well, plan B, which was the following:

1. Pomelo salad with shrimp (pictured) - very piquant and refreshing from the combination of fish sauce and lime and packed a punch by HK standards

2. Sharks' fin and crab meat soup double boiled in a young coconut husk - naturally sweet from the ingredients, it needed little seasoning to bring out the flavours.

3. a grilled whole fish in banana leaf was good but a tad overcooked. It was a little big for 2 and would be more appropriate for a party of 4. The accompanying dipping sauce of spicy chopped Thai green chillis added an extra kick.

4. the fried rice with basil and minced pork topped with a sunny side egg is the best I've had in a long while.
Although known for desserts eg. the rum raisin souffle, we were just too full. Will need to try that on the next visit to round off an unfinished but otherwise great meal!

Shop 1104, 11/FL Food Forum
Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(852) 2506 1212

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